Indian food, Bengali sweets, and business franchise

Published: 19th May 2011
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Where traditional knowledge and modern technology are well blended, new food recipes get created. Technology in this aspect refers to use of processing techniques, processing equipments, etc. This is not only again related to preparation of whole meals but also anytime snacks that are packed and distributed in the market. These anytime snacks have a long-shelf life and do not leave any negative effects on health. Food in India, over time, has been influenced by beliefs and cultures. With every changing phase, you can expect some newer varieties that are scrumptious. No matter whether it is snacks, sweets, namkeen, meals, and the like, food in India does reflect some culture and some belief specific to regions. For example, when we speak about food in india in the southern region, a plethora of dishes flashes in the mind starting from idli, dosa to uttapams, sambhar – all prepared the traditional way and mostly served in banana leaves, again a traditional approach. Spiciness, tanginess, sweetness, assortment, and scrumptiousness best describe the uniqueness about food in India.

It will not be an overstatement if it is said that Indians are born with the sweet tooth. And the list of sweet varieties is so vast and each item so scrumptious that unless you taste them all in turns, the craving only increases. Amid the Indian sweets, one of the most savored types is bengali sweets . Right from anar bhog, anarkali chena sandesh, badam angoori petha, badam malai, chaka chak, cham cham, chhena toast, dil khus, fruit cup, indrani, kesar anarkali, kesar angoori petha, kesar badam to kesar sandesh, malai cup, malai chap, malai king, malai rasogolla, malai rabdi, malai roll, misthi dahi, pakiza, pista king, raj bhog, ras bhari, ras kadam, ras madhuri, rasmalai, rasogolla, the list of Bengali sweets just goes on and on.

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